Amino Acids That Stimulate Growth Hormone (HGH)

amino acids that stimulate growth hormoneGrowth Hormone is a leading hormone that’s created in large quantity during your whole life – The issue is that the body reduces the ability to generate this specific and important hormone that may deal with lots of the signs of the aging process.  Better sleep as well as endurance, are usually among the believed changes connected with increased Human growth hormone levels.

Growth hormone is actually released from the pituitary gland within the human brain. HGH is in charge of increasing muscle mass growth, losing fat and maintaining your body’s defense mechanisms.

Those amino acids will help you to stimulate your body to produce HGH

The best thing is to combine them because they are a lot of complex process going in our body.  As everyone knows the science is still researching to reveal how everything is working.

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  • L-arginine

  • L-ornithine

  • L-lysine

  • L-glutamine

  • L- tyrosine

  • L-glycine

  • L-valine

Growth hormone is a challenge of countless sports athletes and life-extension fanatics, who generally use amino acids to increase levels of this essential hormone. Anecdotal evidence is abundant that amino acids can provide anabolic effects with HGH release.

Some nutrients showed the ability to increase hgh in young and old subjects.  As you can guess they are – amino acids. The advantages tend to be that they’re absolutely risk-free, well-accepted, they cost 3 — 8 dollars per day and come with no need of prescription from the majority of nutrition stores.

Many experts currently have connected the transformations seen with losing of lean muscle mass, a development of more fat and thinning of your skin – to the actual decrease of HGH which begins within the human body through the age of thirty.

 Research of hgh release in males after taking orally amino acids

A study with Fifteen men volunteers to examine qualitatively the release of growth elements, right after stimulation with amino acids. The final results demonstrated that oral mixture of 2 amino acids – 1200mg l-arginine and 1200mg l-lysine – triggered a release of insulin and pituitary somatotropin. This is phenomenon and it was reproducible as well as the hgh secreted in reply to this stimulation. The result seemed to be unique to the mixture of the both amino acids; none from the two amino acids shown significant stimulating activity while used alone , even with the identical dosages.

The research is made by University of Rome, Rome, Italy

L-arginine – Powerful as you can expect

( simply known as “Arginine”) –  a non-essential amino acid. It is “non-essential” because our body can create it. It’s associated with numerous functions in the body system from the creation of nitric oxide, to getting rid of ammonia, to stimulating the release of different kind of hormones.

It’s a very effective immune system activator, helping the body heal faster through injuries. Hgh is the hormone which could effects growth, regeneration and human cells reproduction. It is produced, saved, and released through the pituitary gland.

Reported by scientists, L-arginine stimulates the production of growth hormone by suppressing somatostatinGrowth Hormone Inhibiting Hormone – blocking the hormone which stops Growth hormone this leads to the production of more Human growth hormone.

Arginine is most beneficial when consumed on an empty stomach. The impact of L-Arginine is decreased when it’s consumed with foods that induce insulin or other amino acids to be in the blood flow, which restrict Arginine’s performance. The fact is that, results will be quite unpredictable; with every different person you may have very different result. Males in their twenties experienced the best results with Arginine according to the release of Human growth hormone.

Males in their forties and fifties also obtained visible success, but still not as good. Arginine is an effective dietary supplement for males of any age because it assists with a wide variety of bodily processes including improved circulation, to immune function, to sexual health (increased blood circulation and nitric oxide vasodilation), to growth hormone release.


Supplements are supposed to help in producing urea that is important for body detoxing functions. Ornithine assists the body to eliminate waste elements for example ammonia. Giving this particular amino acid to healthy subjects prior to bed time improves their HGH release, reported by a 1985 report within “Hormone Research.”

Newer research indicates that these results show up even without sleep. A study released in the Sept 1996 in “The Journal of Nutrition” examined the results connected with ornithine on traumatized and healthy rats. The rodents ate with a diet plan that contains 10 % of the amino acid for four days. This procedure enhanced Human growth hormone in both healthy and wounded rats. Ornithine consumption didn’t result in any toxicity.

L-Ornithine is a very powerful amino acid – analyzed for triggering the creation and release of Hgh in the pituitary gland. Research of L-Ornithine shows the cabability to regrow the thymus gland , liver, as well as heart tissue , enhance muscle mass growth, and also increase body’s immune system function. A mixture of L-Ornithine and the amino acid L-Arginine will give you even more and stronger benefits when we talk about HGH.

L-lysine – (Lysine) is one of the essentials amino acids.

L-lysine is examined for its benefits on growing muscle tissue, reducing blood sugar and improving anxiety.

Amino acid lysine seems to assist the body absorb calcium, also it has a crucial role within the creation of collagen, a substance essential for bone fragments and connective tissues such as skin, cartilage and tendon.

Many people take enough quantity L-lysine within their diet plan, although sports athletes, vegetarians that do not consume beans might require much more Lysine. Insufficient lysine could cause fatigue, anemia, nausea, appetite loss, dizziness, slower growth, disappointment, reproductive problems as well as bloodshot eyes.

L-lysine is very important for the creation of antibodies and enzymes, it may also help to generate different hormones – several of which are very important for stimulating your pituitary gland to generate more human growth hormone.

By adding extra L-Lysine to the body, those important hormones will be made in larger amounts to stimulate the pituitary gland to generate more and more HGH, like you are still young. Whilst L-Lysine by itself doesn’t create Human growth hormone, it can manage the hormones which stimulate your body’s HGH production.


L-glutamine is useful for healing injuries, burns, trauma, as well as in wound recovery for post surgical patients. Glutamine is usually promoted as a dietary supplement useful for muscle increase in bodybuilding, weightlifting, endurance, along with other sports. Studies show that L-glutamine when taken orally could enhance Growth hormone levels through stimulating your pituitary gland.

 Glutamine plays a part in a number of biochemical processes such as:

  • Source of cellular energy
  • Non-toxic transporter of ammonia inside the blood flow
  • Protein synthesis
  • Nitrogen donation for a lot of anabolic functions
  • Regulating acid-base balance within the kidney

beef - Food sources of L-glutamineTaking bigger quantities of L-Glutamine could have negative effect, over-loading your liver

  • Natural sources of L-Glutamine – beef, chicken, fish , eggs, milk, dairy products, wheat, cabbage, beets, beans , spinach, as well as parsley

L- tyrosine

It’s a non-essential amino acid and is among the 22 amino acids which are used by cells in order to synthesize proteins. L-tyrosine can be used by the thyroid gland for the creation of Thyroxine – essential hormone proven in scientific studies that can lower fatigue and depression, and also control body’s metabolism and growth. It’s useful to improve focus and alertness. It is obviously that possess antioxidant effects that prevent heart diseases, cancer as well as aging.

 Food sources of L- tyrosine 

Food sources of L- tyrosine - ChickenTyrosine, which could be created in your body by phenylalanine, can be found in numerous high-protein foods for example: turkey, chicken, peanuts, fish, pumpkin seeds, almonds, milk, avocados, yogurt, cheese, lima beans, cottage cheese, sesame seeds, soy products and bananas. Tyrosine is available through supplementation.


L-glycine – stands out as the smallest from the 20 amino acids within the proteins. L-glycine boosts the neurotransmission process of the body’s hormones linked to memory and cognition, that helps to reduce the signs and symptoms of spasticity.

Research has discovered that L-glycine increases HGH levels. The research demonstrated that thirty grams of glycine increase serum human growth hormone levels ten times in people right after stomach surgical procedure. Pretty early results could also propose it’s got anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Those scientific studies are even now continuingL-glycine is available naturally in fish

L-glycine is among the 3 amino acids, which create creatine that will help you to push muscle growth and energy production throughout physical exercise. It is also the main element of collagen.

Glycine is available naturally in animal products, fish, meat etc., but it could be taken as a dietary supplement.


It is an essential amino acid. L-Valine is linked to glucose metabolic process, protein synthesis and the regulation of the body’s defense mechanisms. Additionally it is associated with muscle growth and tissues repair. It is used for energy from the cells to push muscle growth and recovery. L-Valine plays a huge role for the creation of brand new tissue.

It aids the release of hormones which are essential to complete the muscle recovery after a extreme training session.

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